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inAzia Restaurant

InAzia, together with renowned culinary virtuoso Chef Marcin Sasin, guarantees an exceptional combination of professional service along with excellent food in Sheraton Grand Warsaw Hotel. Welcome to a culinary journey tailored uniquely for you. Our menu is a tribute to the vibrant world of Asian cuisine, prepared with a personalized touch that highlights your preferences. Immerse yourself in authentic essence of Asian flavors, as we showcase the finest ingredients, with a special focus on exquisite seafood and succulent grilled meats from our distinct robata grill. Our ambiance combines elements of decor with contemporary settings. Through built-in windows, guests can observe chefs creating magic in the kitchen, embracing the essence of Omakase dining - a culinary experience where the chef curates and crafts a personalized, seasonal menu, showcasing the freshest ingredients and chef Marcin Sasin's expertise in a symphony of flavors. The atmosphere is adapted to your every requirement, whether it's an intimate tête-à-tête or a formal gathering. For a more personal atmosphere, our restaurant has two unique private rooms that are ideal for a variety of groups. Our ideal position sets the setting for extraordinary occasions. Elevate your dining experience to new heights at inAzia, where every detail is meant to create long-lasting memories and unforgettable moments.